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An advanced DMX512 interface, compatible with most popular control applications for DMX512 control and monitoring.
USB DMX512 interface
Available with Standard 5 Pin DMX or Popular 3 Pin XLR connector.
This controller can be upgraded to RDM operability.
Ideal for RDM control, with integral RDM protocol engine, on-board discovery and protocol error handling.
USB to DMX512/RDM interface
Supersedes the RDM-TRI MK1, providing Controller Application resource for the RMD standard E1.20-2010.
Available as hardware only or as an RDM controller package with JESE GetSet MV.
The first interface on the market to add RDM control to a DMX chain, DMX in the rear, DMX+RDM out of the front.
USB to DMX512/RDM interface
With independent DMX input on the rear, this is the most flexible single universe RDM controller
Available as hardware only or as an RDM controller package with JESE GetSet MV.
An 8 way RDM operable DIN rail mounting DMX Splitter with Input Isolation, suitable for DMX512 network distribution.
DMX512/RDM Splitter
This cost effective compact splitter is RDM discoverable, configurable and upgradable.
Available with Low Voltage DC or AC Mains options. Supplied with full set of connectors
A 2 Pole 25A 240V DMX512 controllable Contactor with local power kill connection and RDM configurability.
DMX512/RDM Contactor
A highly versatile and configurable power switch with a local power kill facility
The unit has an auto ranging AC supply making it suitable for all markets. Supplied with full set of connectors.
DMX Module
Isolated RDM Input and Output module with integrated traffic indication.
DMX512/RDM Contactor
This component is used as an add on option for sub assemblies that we manufacture.
A reliable solution for adding an isolated DMX/RDM responder connection direct to your microcontroller UART.
A Windows RDM Controller Application to Interrogate and Manage your RDM operable equipment.
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This Application can be bought individually to use with an existing RDM-TRI or RDM-TXI, or bundled with those RDM controllers as a package.
RDM Integrity
A Windows RDM Responder Conformance Test application, licensed for use with JESE and Goddard Design RDM Controller hardware
RDM Integrity
An essential utility for RDM product developers as well as technicians and integrators.
This application enables RDM responders to be evaluated for conformance with a comprehensive range of test, covering all aspects of the ANSI E1.20 and E1.37 standards
DMX Cables
Purpose built 110-OHM DMX512 cables with industry standard connectors and touring grade cable for optimal signal integrity.
Professional DMX Cables
A range of durable DMX512 Cables of various lengths, with standard 5 Pin DMX or non-standard 3 Pin Neutrik XLR connectors.